Virtual Reality

Just wanted to quickly mention that I have a blog post up on PwC’s Emerging Techblog on virtual reality across industries. It was really exciting to be on a projectthat used an interesting way to de

React Native Linkedin Login

We had a project come up at work that happened to be in React Native. One of therequested features for the app was having a way for users to login with theirLinkedin accounts. Since the project was

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year peoples!! There’s a lot to be thankful for but moreimportantly there’s a lot to do this year! My son is finally a year oldwhich means… I MADE IT!!! YAAAAAAY!!! Without a doubt it’s be

React Native on the Apple TV!

So I’ve had a chance to play around with React Native for a while (I have another appin the oven) and I have some thoughts on that but more importantly it looks sweeton the Apple TV! For those of you

Hello World

Hello World!It’s been 5 years since I’ve done this whole blogging thing. Looking to get backinto it. Eh, maybe tomorrow.